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Peter Murphy Criminal Law will represent clients subject to a grant of legal aid. The Legal Aid Commission (LAC) can pay our  fees to represent you. We can assist you to apply for a grant of aid from the LAC by preparing and lodging your application. If Aid is granted, the Commission then decides to assign the matter either to a private practitioner or to a Commission lawyer.

You may nominate our firm to act for you subject to a grant of aid. In addition we have computer access to the LAC portal and can quickly lodge your application for Legal Aid.

Peter Murphy is a member of the following Legal Aid Panels:- Serious Crime (Court of Criminal Appeal, Supreme and District Courts), General Crime (Local and District Courts and Prisoners’ Legal Service (State Parole Authority and Supreme Court Bail).

In order to receive a grant of aid you must meet criteria set by the Commission. The criteria relates to your financial means (your income and your assets) and whether you meet the Commission’s policy guidelines.

Legal Aid is not always free and you may be asked to make a contribution towards your legal fees.

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