Court of Criminal Appeal


court of criminal appeal

The Court of Criminal Appeal (the CCA)  is the state’s highest court for criminal matters. A person who has been convicted or has pleaded guilty and been sentenced by the Supreme District Courts may appeal to the CCA.

Appeals are generally heard by three Judges although five Judges may sit when significant legal issues need to be considered. The majority view prevails. When sentence matters do not involve a dispute on any issue of legal principles,  two Judges sit.

There are a number of bases for appeal including a challenge to a conviction involving a question of law. The CCA may also grant leave in matters involving questions of fact or mixed questions of fact and law as well as where the severity or adequacy of the sentence is challenged.

We lodge and appear in all types of hearings in the CCA and  brief and instruct experienced barristers including senior counsel who regularly appear in that jurisdiction.

We have conducted numerous appeals to the CCA.

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