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An applicant for bail needs skilled and experienced legal representation. 

Not long ago in New South Wales, prisoners could make numerous bail applications before District, Local and Children’s Courts, and the only real limitation was that Judges and Magistrates record their reasons for refusal for following Judges and Magistrates to see, often leading to the question: “Are there any new circumstances?”  This has now changed.  If an initial application is not successful, the next avenue is the Sydney Supreme Court.  Local and District Courts are now subject to the same criteria as the Supreme Court – subsequent bail applications can only be made where new circumstances have arisen. So effectively, an initial application must be as sound, persuasive and as well prepared and presented as possible.

The Bail Act makes it more difficult to get bail for certain offences and also stipulates criteria for courts to consider when determining an application. Failing to get professional advice on matters of bail can lead to disappointing consequences.

Call us today for a thorough and realistic assessment including advice as to the best course of action, the prospect of successful negotiations with the prosecution, the requirements of sureties and securities and the formation of bail conditions which courts are likely to endorse.

We go in well prepared and aim for the best outcome.

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