State Parole Authority

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A prisoner can only be released on parole subject to a parole order directing his or her release, and the State Parole Authority must not make an order unless satisfied that release is in the public interest.

Matters which must be considered by the Authority in determining this issue include the need to protect the safety of the community, the need to maintain public confidence in the administration of justice, the nature and circumstances of the offence for which the subject sentence was imposed, the sentencing remarks of the court when the sentence was imposed, the criminal history of the prisoner, the likelihood of the prisoner being able to adapt to normal community life, and the effect on any victim or their family.

There are additional provisions concerning the grant of parole to serious offenders.

A victim or one or more members of a victim’s family may make a submission to the State Parole Authority about the prisoner’s parole, and may express their concerns or fears and ask that these be taken into account when the question of release is determined.

We represent prisoners and in appropriate cases victims and their families in State Parole Authority matters.

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